WeGotUCovered (2)

We’ve Got You Covered

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, which had the community retreating back into the safety of their homes, the frontliners were exposed to endless hours of treating those contacted with the virus. The situation worsens when reportedly, several hospitals in Malaysia were severely short of personal protective equipment (PPE).

In line with the #AKEMIcares mission, we have utilised our manufacturing plants to produce PPE items such as face shields, protective gowns and protective tudungs; to ensure our frontliners were well-protected against the virus.

With the help received from a group of volunteering staff and those who have donated the materials we needed for the protective items, we have produced:

12,010 Face Shields
4,900 Boot Covers
7,200 Tudung and Hoods
6,624 Isolation Gowns

A total of 33,734pcs of PPE items in the month of April and May 2020.