Akem Tencel

The Story of TENCEL™

Born from nature with a silky-soft texture, a touch of TENCEL™ is as good as it makes you feel. These fibres are naturally gentle on your skin with an exquisitely soft touch, enhancing your quality of sleep with superior functionality, and thus offering you utmost comfort without compromising on the welfare of the environment.

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Sustainable fashion with TENCEL™

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries. With approximately 80% of textile waste going into landfill and most won't biodegrade. Saving the environment is possible with preferred fibres like TENCEL™ branded fibres, which are 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable in land and sea.

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AKEMI, as the official brand partner of TENCEL™, strives to build on this green initiative and aims to deliver no less than the finest touch in terms of material, design, production and efficacy. This is made possible with the very best of nature using TENCEL™ fibres.

Akem Tencel

From Forest to Fabric

TENCEL™ cellulosic fibres help to maintain the environmental balance by being integrated into nature´s cycle. The fibres originate from the renewable raw material wood and are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable, and thus can fully revert back to nature.

Akem Tencel

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres with REFIBRA™ technology

  • Combination of lyocell technology with pioneering use of recycled cotton off-cuts
  • Upcycling of cotton and significant reduction of cotton scraps in the garment production
  • New system to identify the fiber in finished garment
Akemi Tencel
Akemi Tencel


Akem Tencel

REFIBRA™ technology

Involves upcycling of cotton scraps
– raw material is transformed to produce new virgin TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres

Akem Tencel

Micro technology

– Offers an even finer quality of lightness and exquisite softness.
– Long-lasting natural comfort.
– Efficient moisture absorption.

Akem Tencel

Eco Soft technology

– Produced by Eco-Soft technology, offering exquisite softness to textiles.
– Uses elemental chlorine-free bleaching in an integrated pulp-to-fibre process.
– Uses surplus renewable energy from the pulp mill.

Akem Tencel

Eco Color technology

– Long-lasting colour-fastness and design flexibility in textiles.
– Provide efficient ecological advantages, substituting for the resource-intensive conventional dyeing process by lowering environmental impact.
– Retain long-lasting colour vibrancy and are less prone to fade even after repeated washing.

The Materials

Tencel™ fibres are easily identified: high sheen and flow at first sight, ultra soft and smooth to the touch — they caress the senses.

Akem Tencel
  TENCEL™ Lyocell TENCEL™ Modal
Eco Soft
Eco Color
Key Benefits    
Enhanced Breathability
Minimal Static Change
Botanic Origin
Sustainable Production
Moisture Management
Unfavourable for Bacteria Growth
High Tenacity
Flattering Appearence
Luxurious Sheen
Impressive Colour Vibrance
Soft and Smooth
Gentle on Skin
Thermal Regulation
Long-lasting Softness
Colour Retention