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AKEMI Signature is a curated range of luxury beddings that are made with exceptional craftsmanship.

It is envisioned to provide an unparalleled quality products with its refined materials and luxurious finishing touches to the upscale sophisticated demographics.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Envisaging pristine sophistication of luxury bedding, uncompromising commitments to precision are maintained through unwavering attention to detail, supreme thoughtfulness and masterly skills. Years of experience are translated into exceptional work of art that is a triumph of intricacy and graceful elegance to exude true quality for every home.

Quality Materials

To rise to the pinnacle of luxurious comfort, each material is chosen with an innate understanding of its features, to bring out the finest essence. This reveals an array of premium bedding products that transcend ingrained quality with exquisite appearance, durability and functionality for unrivalled comfort.

Extra-long Staple Cotton

Micro Tencel

For smooth luxury that meets sustainability, the Tencel Micro technology for Lyocell fibres offers natural benefits such as exquisite smoothness, high durability and advanced moisture control.

Not only does it deliver a luxuriously soft touch that is pleasant to the skin, it also wicks away excessive moisture for a cool night sleep while hindering bacterial growth.

Micro Tencel


Moisture Management


Feel luxe within the nature embrace. Combined with Tencel Micro technology for Lyocell fibres, Haven offers exquisite smoothness that is pleasant to the skin with advanced moisture control.

While the 1400 TC sets luxurious slumber for more restful sleep.

Staple Cotton

High Durability

Exquisite Softness

Renowned for its superior comfort, extra-long staple cotton fibres offer high durability and exquisite softness for a majestic sleep.

Its naturally silky-soft texture is derived from the individual threads of finer cotton that is longer than regular cotton fibres, creating softer finer fabric for a luxuriant sleep.


The 1200 thread counts Solace collection is crafted with extra-long staple cotton to offer optimum quality and luxurious comfort.

It also features an intricate design that serves as a perfect base to any interior.


Solitude is made from extra-long staple cotton fibres for supreme quality. Its design is kept minimal with simple symmetrical lines.

The luxurious 1200 thread count gives added soft touches.

reflecting sophistication of luxury bedding

through minimal, simple designs

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